There is no other relationship in life like true Friendship.

A Forever Friends photoshoot is a beautiful and fun way to celebrate and capture that special bond shared between real friends.

It’s a perfect gift or idea to commemorate graduations, school formals, birthdays, hens days, or just being friends forever.

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Marisa Ho strives to capture the true spirit of your child and the story of your family. She never photographs to a formula, and always approaches every photoshoot with fresh eyes.

Marisa's photo's become real memories of child that you will look back on and treasure. A true gift to yourself and your family for the future.

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Pregnancy and new life is a time of complete beauty and wonderment. It is a fleeting moment in our lifetime, yet it holds such a high place in our memories.

Marisa offers photography either in your home or in her studio so you can hold onto these precious memories forever.

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Your wedding is your day, and should be captured the way you want to remember it.

Whether it's capturing the meticulous detail of your planning, or embodying the spirit and energy of your wedding, Marisa's photographs will bring your special day back to life for you forever into the future.

Marisa's diverse photography skills lend her work to creating both beautiful portraits, as well as a candid photo documentary record of the true character of your day. 

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Capturing your precious moments forever.